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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Beautiful Place To Die

With the publication of A Beautiful Place To Die, the fourth installment in The Delta Mystery series, I will have achieved my goal - publication of all of my books in both paperback and Kindle editions.

With only one exception, getting the books ready for a reading audience beyond family and friends involved rewriting. In several cases, particularly The Movie Murderer and A Beautiful Place To Die, major plot revisions were involved. With others, it was a matter of polishing and refining.

The exception was Maggie Ryan. It was the first book I conceived and almost the last one written so perhaps, in part, the fact that it didn't need rewriting was a result of how much I learned along the way. But, I believe that the real reason is that Maggie is such a personal story. So much of it was, to a greater or lesser degree, based on personal experience and observation. It has a ring of truth and a far greater reality than the more romanticized love story of Nick and Jessie Red Cloud, which exists in a different realm altogether.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to my husband who patiently stood by me through this most difficult time, when I was working feverishly, often into the night, until my eyes burned so that I had to sleep and start again the next day.

I thank also Create Space, the publishing arm of Amazon, an author friendly group of people who made it possible for me to bring my writing to a real audience.

A little break, now, to catch up on Sons of Anarchy and other deferred pleasures, before I begin again, with an already outlined sequel to The Movie Murderer. The adventures of Rick and Katie continue in Acts of Contrition. Look for it sometime in 2012. Thank you Readers.