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In The Delta
In The Delta

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Place Called Locke - New Delta Mystery

The latest book in The Delta Mystery Series publishes this week.  Look for it in both paperback and Kindle.

The quiet nicker of a horse, the song of nightbirds, a chorus of frogs - the background to sleep on tranquil Sutter Island - are replaced by the ringing of a phone. From Mexico comes a desperate plea disguised as a casual request. 
A young doctor has fallen in love with the wrong woman. His love will lead him into a web of deceit and danger as he is forced to become part of a plan to smuggle drugs up the California coast. 
In The Delta, Jessie Red Cloud is returning to her work as a Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy, unaware that she and her friend and former partner Bodie McDonald are about to be drawn into a secretive task force, led by a man who trusts no one. 
Two groups of people are on a collision course, one that will lead them to a deadly confrontation in the quiet backwater behind a place called Locke.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

For my readers who enjoyed Maggie Ryan Volume One, the Kindle edition of Volume Two will be offered free beginning Friday October 12 through Tuesday October 16.  I’ll post a reminder on Thursday.

As Volume One ended, Maggie's life took a downward turn. Saddened by Paul's departure, she focused on her studies but that dream ended with an unintended pregnancy.

Volume Two opens with the introduction of Joseph Dodge, a man raised in violence, who laid a gentle hand on everything he touched. Joseph comes to Maggie with the horses that Dan buys to lift her out of depression. But the gift has unintended consequences, as Maggie finds a love for which she will sacrifice everything.