In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Monday, April 30, 2012

In The Delta - Free Kindle download

In The Delta, the first book in The Delta Mystery Series, will be available for free Kindle download from Thursday May 3 through Monday May 7. Here's the description: A girl named Angel and the boy she loves vanish from a dark and lonely place called Lost Slough. Their disappearance attracts little attention when it’s assumed they’ve simply moved on. But for Angel’s friend, LAPD Officer Jessie, a 4-month old Missing Persons Poster turns a houseboat vacation in the California Delta into a desperate search for the couple or their killer - a search that leads Jessie to the Chinese community of Locke and a bar called Al’s Place where she meets the Lakota, Nick Red Cloud. Their erotic attraction for each other catches fire in a heartbeat and grows in intensity as they explore the Delta together by boat and on horseback. While Nick and Jessie’s love for each other grows stronger, Angel’s story plays out in flashbacks… Until, at last, Jessie discovers the terrible truth of what really happened on the banks of Lost Slough.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Acts of Contrition Coming in May

Acts of Contrition will be published in May in both Paperback and Kindle editions.

LAPD Homicide Detective Rick Sandler and Katie O'Hara are back in this sequel to The Movie Murderer. Someone is leaving a trail of working girls strangled in motels along Sepulveda Boulevard, his signature a dark blue scarf. As RIck and John search for the killer in the Gentlemen's Clubs of the San Fernando Valley, they encounter a panoply of night people, a Russian who loves Bullwinkle the Moose, a duo of pole dancers whose act features their impersonation of The Jersey Shore's Snooki and Luscious Lily whose resemblance to Katie captivates John.

Meanwhile, with the help of her friends, the Bravo's brothers, Katie is investigating a series of suspicious suicides, tied together by a Catholic parish led by a pair of very different priests, the charismatic Father Jonas, who Katie privately believes is too attractive to be celibate, and Father Jonas, an old testament cleric who believes in an eye for an eye.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Susan and Tecate Free

Just a reminder to anyone with a Kindle or with the free Kindle reader download, the Kindle edition of Susan and Tecate will be available for free download beginning Friday April 6 through Sunday April 8. May be of special interest to riders in our very own Griffith Park.
If you are interested here's the description:

LAPD Mounted Officer Susan Chappelle's beat is Griffith Park, over 4,000 acres of land in the heart of the city of Los Angeles. When two women go missing, Susan and her horse Tecate begin their search of the trails and remote canyons of the Park. When a third woman is found strangled, their search becomes a hunt for a serial killer. Shut out of the case by the lead detective, Susan and her homeless friend Charley who calls the Park home, undertake their own investigation.
As Susan closes in on him, the killer begins a deadly game of cat and mouse with Susan.
Along the way, Susan, who takes pride in her solitude and independence, meets a sophisticated attorney, with a killer smile, who turns her world upside down. But can he be trusted?
The final confrontation between hunter and hunted takes place in a deadly place in the Park, the Rattlesnake cave.
Please visit my Author page at and a big Thank You to all.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Don't forget. From April 6 to April 8, 2012, the Kindle edition of Susan and Tecate will be available free.

The love of red haired LAPD Mounted Officer Susan Chappelle's life is her big bay horse Tecate. As she patrols the 4,000 plus acres of Griffith Park, an urban wilderness in the center of Los Angeles, Susan and her homeless friend Charlie, who calls the park his home, search for the serial killer who is strangling women runners in the park. But Susan has, in turn, become the object of the killer's obsession. Along the way, Susan meets a semi retired trial attorney and her emotional barriers begin to break down. But can he be trusted?