In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Cross Country Trip

I had good intentions.  I planned to write daily posts with pics detailing my trip from Union Station L.A. to Union Station Chicago and then up to Marinette/Menominee.

As you can see, I did not get around to it.

I take really bad pictures so had none to share from the train trip itself.  I can report however that I really enjoyed the train as always.  Watching the vast arid expanse of the west give way to the lush greenery of the midwest from my cozy roomette and enjoying visiting with other travelers over meals in the dining car.

Chicago was amazing - a city full of energy and excitement.  Enjoyed amazing Chicago style deep dish pizza and Elliot Ness Lager at Exchequer Pub on Wabash.

Drove up to Menominee and arrived mid afternoon at AmericInn on the bay and settled into a beautiful room with balcony right on the shore.  Immediately turned off AC and opened the door and window to let in the bay breeze.  It stayed open for the duration right through a couple of rain storms.

Found something completely unexpected - a good little authentic Mexican restaurant with Margaritas as good as Viva's, enjoyed my favorite Jozwiak's pizza, had a truly splendid fine dining experience at Berg's Landing on the bay, and partied with friends multiple times.

My friend Marilou and I drove up to see my friends Mary and Russ Kralovetz at their Waubee Lake Lodge.  Check out the pictures and if you're ever in the area, it's the place to stay.  Actually, it's a reason to come here.
Georgie & Joe's Beach House

View from my room

Menominee Yacht Harbor

Menominee Waterfront
Menominee Waterfront

Waubee Lake Lodge

Waubee Lake

Waubee Lake Lodge Bar

Lodge Suites Facing Lake

Outdoor dining on the deck

Fireplace on Lodge Deck

Georgie and Joe hosted the most fun get together.  Drank lots of good beer and watched the waves roll onto the beach at numerous locations.

Also came very close to talking Ingolf into buying 9 acres of land on the bay with darling little house and great big pole barn for the horses. I was all set to move here for good until I discovered there were no close riding trails which would mean loading the horses into a trailer for every single ride.  Had to accept it wasn't meant to be.  Perhaps for the best given the long winters here.  Maybe some day.

We had a great reunion dinner and dancing to that old time rock and roll.

One final big party this afternoon at my dear friends the Popkeys at their place on the bay.  I realize that "the bay" is mentioned in almost every sentence.   The bay is Green Bay.  I could call it Lake Michigan but the Sturgeon Bay Peninsula separates us from the lake proper.

The end of my stay is nearing and I will miss being here.  This is about the prettiest place in the world.  But I'm sure that one of the reasons I love it is the fact that it is home - the place I was born and raised.

Posting a few of my less bad pictures that don't do it justice.

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Just after breakfast, we arrived in Gallup New Mexico.

I intended to post pics of various stops but made the mistake of taking pics of Fullerton CA station with my phone and now cannot post those.

Lovely trip so far but nothing of interest to report other than that my internet connection is SLOWWWW.

Oh, and there are still people on the train who do not get the No Smoking Anywhere rule.  Last trip, a woman was put off the train at the next stop after repeated warnings.  She was really screaming about how unfair it was.

This trip, we have had one cigar smoker so far.  He was warned.

AMTRAK is serious about this no smoking stuff.

Very busy writing so will keep these posts to a minimum since this one is so boring it put me to sleep

L.A. to Chicago on the Southwest Chief Right This Minute

Wow - I have not blogged since June.  I am so bad.  But I have been busy working on a new book titled Mandolin Wind - a real departure from my usual stories - it begins when a young soldier is lost behind enemy lines in Normandy in 1943.  And that's all you get for  now.

At present, I am on the Southwest Chief.  Left L.A. at 6:10 last night and right now we are sitting in the desert between Winslow AZ and Gallup NM waiting for a freight to go by.  Freights take precedence.

The train is great as always -  new people to visit with in the diner - a cozy roomette - lying awake and watching a million stars go by in the sky out my window.

Up early for a hot shower and now off to breakfast.

More to come including pictures.

Stay tuned.

Work on the new book continues - Part One was written at home in L.A. - Part Two was started there but will develop on the train and while I am in Michigan.

Promise almost daily posts.