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Monday, June 29, 2015

New Hope Landing

It begins with a dream of a horse - the Gypsy Vanner - and a routine complaint call to a Gypsy encampment in The Meadows where Jessie and Bodie first encounter Alida Coine - a woman who has the gift of seeing the secret that Jessie and Bodie share.

So begins a tale of love, deception and murder with deep roots in other kinds of secrets - family secrets - kept hidden by some, all of the signs ignored by those who see the hint of what lies beneath the surface.

Deputy Jessie Red Cloud and her partner Bodie McDonald find themselves drawn into the mystery that has its beginnings in The Meadows and reaches its conclusion in a place called New Hope Landing.

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A Place Called Locke

The quiet nicker of a horse, the song of nightbirds, a chorus of frogs - the background to sleep on tranquil Sutter Island - are replaced by the ringing of a phone. From Mexico comes a desperate plea disguised as a casual request.

A young doctor has fallen in love with the wrong woman. His love will lead him into a web of deceit and danger as he is forced to become part of a plan to smuggle drugs up the California coast.

In The Delta, Jessie Red Cloud is returning to her work as a Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy, unaware that she and her friend and former partner Bodie McDonald are about to be drawn into a secretive task force, led by a man who trusts no one.

Two groups of people are on a collision course, one that will lead them to a deadly confrontation in the quiet backwater behind a place called Locke.

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A Beautiful Place To Die

In the fourth installment of The Delta Mysteries, Jessie encounters a new and deadly enemy.

Olivia Winslow is new to The Delta, her past a mystery, her obsession Nick Red Cloud.

Despite the misgivings of Nick and Susan, Jessie Red Cloud is engaged in a search for her childhood friend Angel, mysteriously missing once again. As Jessie searches for Angel, Olivia Winslow sets in motion a twisted plan to destroy Jessie and have Nick for herself.

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The Meadows

In the third installment of The Delta Mysteries, Jessie Red Cloud undertakes an investigation into the tragic death of a 6 year old child model.

Wealthy Sacramento businessman and politician Colin Talbot intended his private island in The Meadows to be a place of refuge for his family. Instead it becomes the setting for tragedy.

When the case goes cold, and suspicion falls on his family, Colin retains Private Investigator Jessie Red Cloud to do what the Sheriff's Department could not do, discover who is responsible for his daughter's death.

What Jessie finds is a web of family secrets, to be untangled strand by strand, until she uncovers the truth hidden behind a facade of wealth and status.

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On Sutter Island

On Sutter Island is the second installment in the Delta Mystery Series.

On Sutter Island continues the story of Nick and Jessie, the lovers from In The Delta. Jessie, now a Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy and her partner, Bodie MacDonald, answer a late night call to a local bar, The Landing, and discover the victim of a vicious attack.

Jessie sets out to find the man responsible, but her search puts at risk the life she has built with Nick on Sutter Island as she becomes the obsession of the man she is tracking.
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In The Delta - Redux

As promised - I am posting a list of old titles including a brief description and link to the E Store for anyone interested in catching up on books they might have missed.  

A girl named Angel and the boy she loves vanish from a dark and lonely place called Lost Slough. Their disappearance attracts little attention when it’s assumed they’ve simply moved on.

But for Angel’s friend, LAPD Officer Jessie, a 4-month old Missing Persons Poster turns a houseboat vacation in the California Delta into a desperate search for the couple or their killer - a search that leads Jessie to the Chinese community of Locke and a bar called Al’s Place where she meets the Lakota, Nick Red Cloud. Their erotic attraction for each other catches fire in a heartbeat and grows in intensity as they explore the Delta together by boat and on horseback.

While Nick and Jessie’s love for each other grows stronger, Angel’s story plays out in flashbacks… Until, at last, Jessie discovers the terrible truth of what really happened on the banks of Lost Slough.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Long Overdue Update

I have been so busy writing my newest book - The Two Way Shake - that I have neglected posting anything new here for awhile.

Currently, I am putting together a collection of stories of horses and their people written by some wonderful horse owners/lovers.  The book is coming together beautifully.  The stories are varied but all are written from the heart, filled with emotion, humor, life lessons.  Some are happy, some sad but all have touched me deeply.

The book is filled with wonderful pictures as well.

I am waiting for a few last minute submissions and then comes the real work - formatting, editing and proof reading.

Hopefully, the book will be completed and available by early Fall.

In the meantime, I plan to do a series of posts on my currently available books - including a brief description of the plots and links to the E store for anyone who may have missed the books the first time around.  I plan to include photos of the covers as well so watch for updates.

A great big thank you to my readers.  I would be very happy to hear from anyone out there who wants to discuss the books or make comments - good or bad.  Don't be shy.

The latest Rick and Katie L.A. mystery is also in the planning stages.  The title is The San Pedro Blues.