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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Meadows FREE Kindle Download

The Meadows - the third book in the Delta Mysteries Series will be available for Free Kindle download beginning Friday Oct 3 through Tues Oct 7.
Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy turned Private Investigator Jessie Red Cloud has suffered a personal tragedy. And Nick Red Cloud has come close to losing Jessie, the woman who means everything to him.
Jessie is retained by wealthy Sacramento businessman turned politician Colin Talbot to uncover the truth behind the death of his small daughter on the family's refuge, a private island in the northern Sacramento River Delta called The Meadows.
Plagued by suspicion, the family claims to want the truth behind their child's murder. But Jessie's investigation is hampered by lies, withheld evidence, and family secrets.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Real Golden Age of Television

Yes, I know.  This topic has been discussed to death, but I have a Blog so I can write about it if I wish. And I wish to add my thoughts.

Movies have, with rare exceptions, become a huge disappointment.  I know, it's because I'm not in the right age demographic for the studios.  Except I must not be the only one, because I just read that the summer box office was a disaster.  No wonder.  When will the studios realize that a lot of people have had their fill of action/adventure, 3D, remakes, and sequels to movies that weren't that good to begin with?  Did we really need a remake of Robocop???

As an aside, Kathryn Bigalow's marvelous Point Break with Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey and Lori Petty is scheduled to be remade.  Please, I beg you, don't do it.  You can't improve on this kind of genius.  I know, some people think it was silly - maybe but if so, it was the best silly ever.

So we turn to television.  The best actors are doing it.  Because they realize that it is the place where serious, quality work is available.

It goes back aways, of course.  All the way to the shows that started it all - Hill Street Blues, Homicide Life on the Streets, The Wire, and what is perhaps the all time best cop show ever The Shield.  Fast forward a few years to Breaking Bad and one of my personal favorites Sons of Anarchy.  Take a look at the unfortunately short-lived Magic City, The Borgias and Boss.

Currently, the crop includes Banshee, Ray Donovan (applause for Jon Voight and Paula Malcomson as well as Liev Shreiber and Steven Bauer of whom we could use a little more), Masters of Sex and The Bridge.

The Honorable Woman held its own almost to the end, which was disappointing since until the last two shows, I felt it was well written.  Sundance also gave us Rectify - the most original drama of the crop and The Red Road, another unique drama.

One show that I include in this list that many people might not is Fox's Gang Related.  Still no word on whether it will be renewed.  Word to Fox, send it over to FX and let them pull out all the stops. It may have some implausibilities, but I couldn't wait to see it every week.  It never bored, never dragged.

On the rarely seen Western front, Hell on Wheels is the freshest look at the old West since Deadwood.  And the unfortunately final season of Longmire was the best of the entire series.  I will truly miss Walt and his posse, especially the wonderful Katee Sackhoff.  Hope someone picks this show up.

Many people criticized The Killing but I found it to be compelling, particularly Linden and Holder and the atmospheric setting.  So happy that Netflix brought it back for a conclusion.

Speaking of Netflix, kudos for Orange is the New Black (group award to its many offbeat characters, the offbeat Lilyhammer and House of Cards. Frank Underwood tells it like it is - politically speaking.

Fargo was a treat, but didn't live up to the movie. Mostly, it was the accents that were missing or inaccurate.  Where was the dialogue coach?  However, I'll watch anything with Keith Carradine.

Justified will have me as a viewer forever - the Elmore Leonard-esque dialogue, Timothy Oliphant and Walt Goggins (another actor I will follow anywhere) make this a delight week after week.

Homeland and The Americans are both brilliant in their own way and I anxiously await the new seasons of both.  Two very different takes on the world of espionage and deeply held secrets.  And I have to admit, that in The Americans, I'm often rooting for the Russians - although Noah Emmerich's conflicted agent is amazing to watch.

New shows I'm looking forward to include The Affair with Dominic West and the new season of American Horror Story.  I watched Season one, started Season two but found it tediously gross, skipped season three.  But Freak Show is poised to bring me back.

I know I've missed some and my comments are only cursory but I have a mystery to get back to.

Hoping for your own comments on these shows and any others that you particularly liked or hated.

The Drop

I'm usually too busy to post movie reviews but just had to take a few minutes away from writing to highly recommend The Drop.  It is getting publicity based on the fact that it is the last screen appearance by the late, lamented James Gandolfini and he is brilliant as always.

The the real reasons to see this movie are two:

The screenplay was written by Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River, Shutter Island and Gone, Baby, Gone among others.  Those three movies, if you have not had the pleasure,  are also worth seeing.  If you have, a second, even a third viewing only enhances your appreciation for the writing and the performances.

The Drop is based on a Lehane short story Animal Rescue.  It is filled with menace and plot twists that will keep you guessing.  Lehane is simply one of the best fiction writers of all time.

The second reason is the performance of Tom Hardy, whose previous role as Forrest Bondurant in Lawless really turned me on to this fine actor.

Don't wait for it to turn up on Netflix.  See it now.

On Sutter Island is FREE

For you readers out there who enjoyed In The Delta, the second book in the series On Sutter Island will be available for free e download beginning Friday September 26 through Tuesday September 30. Remember, if you don't have a Kindle, you can get the Kindle Reading Ap for free and read on your computer, phone or wherever. Here is a synopsis:
On Sutter Island continues the story of Nick and Jessie, the lovers from In The Delta. Jessie, now a Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy and her partner, Bodie MacDonald, answer a late night call to a local bar, The Landing, and discover the victim of a vicious attack.
Jessie sets out to find the man responsible, but her search puts at risk the life she has built with Nick on Sutter Island as she becomes the obsession of the man she is tracking.
For my week three, promotion look for The Meadows, the third book in the series. You can read them all for free before publication of the newest book - New Hope Landing. Target date for publication is the end of 2014.
Thanks to all of you who read In The Delta. If you liked it, let me know. If not, let me know as well.

Monday, September 15, 2014

In The Delta - Free for 5 days

As I am currently at work on New Hope Landing, the newest Jessie Red Cloud mystery set in the beautiful California Delta, I am beginning a series of free promotions of all of the books in the series for anyone who may have missed the books the first time around.

Free promo begins this Thursday September 18 and continues through Monday September 22.  Just go to - search for In the Delta by Joan Klengler and enjoy.  If you do enjoy the book, look for upcoming free offers for the sequels On Sutter Island, The Meadows, A Beautiful Place to Die and A Place called Locke - coming soon.

A girl named Angel and the boy she loves vanish from a dark and lonely place called Lost Slough.  Their disappearance attracts little attention when it’s assumed they’ve simply moved on.

But for Angel’s friend, LAPD Officer Jessie, a 4-month old Missing Persons Poster turns a houseboat vacation in the California Delta into a desperate search for the couple or their killer - a search that leads Jessie to the Chinese community of Locke and a bar called Al’s Place where she meets the Lakota, Nick Red Cloud.  Their erotic attraction for each other catches fire in a heartbeat and grows in intensity as they explore the Delta together by boat and on horseback.

While Nick and Jessie’s love for each other grows stronger, Angel’s story plays out in flashbacks…  Until, at last, Jessie discovers the terrible truth of what really happened on the banks of Lost Slough.

Ay Caramba

If you are looking for a marvelous meal in a small and charming family owned restaurant, visit Ay Caramba located at 18540 Via Princessa Santa Clarita CA.  (Via Princessa exit off the 14 freeway, turn left and then take the next left into the shopping area and you're there).  For details, check out their website.

We are well acquainted with the owner Alberto, who rides a beautiful Harley Davidson.  His wife Margarita is the chef.  

The menu is extensive.  I can heartily recommend the Quesadilla con Rajas - a Quesadilla fried to golden, served with cream sauce and chile poblano.  The fish tacos are outstanding and their generous size makes an ideal lunch for two, particularly when paired with an appetizer.  

We were really hungry so shared a second entree - Pescado Empapelado - Fish fillet wrapped in aluminum foil. Cooked with butter, herbs and vegetables.  Another winner.

We enjoyed Sangria with our meal, but there is also a nice selection of wine and beer available.

Margarita and Alberto excel at making their customers feel at home and the atmosphere is homey and friendly.

It is well worth the drive - even on a day like today when the temperature tops 100 degrees.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Horses and Their People - A Love Story

Hi All - I am currently collecting stories from people in their own words describing their unique and special bond with their horse(s).  The collection will make up an anthology entitled Horses and Their People - A Love Story.

There is no word limit and people may write on any subject as long as it involves horses.  So far I have one poem, several stories of  childhood memories - a wide range of styles and topics -  funny, inspiring, sad, uplifting.

Some people have said they would love to participate but they aren't writers. As my friend Colin Dangaard so wisely put it, we are all writers or at least have the potential to be - we all have our stories to tell and I am not looking for polished and professional stories - but stories from the heart.

That said, if there is anyone out there who is a little self conscious, I will be happy to review and rework your story as needed, with the understanding that you have the final say over the content.

Each person's story is a chapter, headed by a photo of the person and their horse(s).

I hope to publish by the end of the year, however, it will depend largely on whether I have enough submissions.  So please, do not hesitate to pour out your heart, tell the world how you feel about horses and the influence they have had on your life.

I'm just going to keep nagging until you add your voice.  Thank you.