In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Delta Trilogy

Book 1 - In The Delta - LAPD officer Jessie Green is on a houseboat vacation, seeking to escape memories of her fiancee a motorcycle officer killed a year earlier, when she learns that her life long friend Angel Edwards and Angel's boyfriend Peter are missing. As she unravels the mystery, Jessie meets a local man, the Lakota Nick Red Cloud. The story of their growing love for each other plays out against a backdrop of flashbacks to Angel and Peter's life in the Delta, until at last Jessie finds the answer to the mystery in a place called Lost Slough.

Book 2 - On Sutter Island - Jessie Red Cloud, former LAPD officer, and now Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy, searches for a serial rapist who savagely beats his victims. And as she searches, the perpetrator becomes fascinated with Jessie and decides that she is the one he has been waiting for. Behind the scenes of the investigation, Jessie is pregnant with her first child and Nick and Jessie's home on Sutter Island the gathering place for her husband's large extended family is in stark contrast with the world outside, the place where danger lives.

Book 3 - The Meadows - In The Meadows, a lush wildlife protection area encompassed by myriad waterways, lies the tiny private island of wealthy Sacramento businessman and politician Colin Talbot. But money and influence cannot keep tragedy from invading his family retreat. Colin awakens to the sound of waves hitting his dock, and discovers his young daughter missing. When she turns up dead in the water, it is quickly established that she was a victim of murder.
When the police, stymied by political influences and the family's lack of cooperation, are unable to find the killer, Colin Talbot hires Jessie Red Cloud, Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy turned Private Investigator.


Unknown said...

Greetings Joan -- I'm interested in reading your Delta mysteries (I'm not a publisher, though, just another mystery writer). Have you thought of posting them on Authonomy? Just a thought. Also, I was recently told by an agent that she liked the stuff she read on my blog, but couldn't find a way to contact me there, so she passed! Now I have my email address plastered all over the thing... Anyway, good luck with your books and please let me know if you publish or post them anywhere. Thanks -- MK

minervaK said...

Here's my website w/ contact info...