In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Thursday, January 27, 2011


In The Delta, the first book in the Delta mystery series has been published and is now available on in both a print and a Kindle edition.

Here's a taste of In The Delta:

Back in the sloughs, the darkness was absolute. All her life, she’d heard the expression it was so dark that you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, but she’d never experienced it till that moment. She crouched in the reeds, feeling mud and water oozing into her shoes. It was quiet too, so quiet, until the footsteps on the trail above her. She experienced one moment of terror until she remembered that she wasn’t alone. Peter was there, right beside her. She could hear him breathing. She turned toward him and put her finger to her lips, but then she realized he couldn’t see her in the dark, so she put her hand over his mouth, in warning. His breath was warm on her hand. Then she heard a voice, just above them, calling her name, softly, so softly “Angel? Where are you, Angel?”

A girl named Angel and the boy she loves vanish from a dark and lonely place called Lost Slough. Their disappearance attracts little attention when it’s assumed they’ve simply moved on. But for Angel’s friend, LAPD Officer Jessie, a 4-month old Missing Persons Poster turns a houseboat vacation in the California Delta into a desperate search for the couple or their killer - a search that leads Jessie to the Chinese community of Locke and a bar called Al’s Place where she meets the Lakota, Nick Red Cloud. Their erotic attraction for each other catches fire in a heartbeat and grows in intensity as they explore the Delta together by boat and on horseback. While Nick and Jessie’s love for each other grows stronger, Angel’s story plays out in flashbacks… Until, at last, Jessie discovers the terrible truth of what really happened on the banks of Lost Slough.

Amazon provides Look Inside the Book which allows you to browze the book and see if it's to your taste.

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