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In The Delta
In The Delta

Friday, April 22, 2011

Susan and Tecate

The Kindle edition of Susan and Tecate will appear on Amazon within the next couple of days. The paperback edition will follow within the next two weeks.

Susan and Tecate is the prequel to the Delta Mysteries and introduces the characters of Susan, Paul and Jessie.

LAPD Mounted Officer Susan Chappelle's beat is Griffith Park, over 4,000 acres of hillsides and remote canyons, in sharp contrast to the city that surrounds it.

Susan's placid patrol becomes a search for two women gone missing in the Park. When a third woman is found murdered, the search turns into a hunt for a serial killer. Shut out of the official case by the lead detective, Susan, her horse Tecate and her homeless friend Charley undertake their own investigation.

Along the way, Susan meets Paul Green, a charming attorney who may or may not be everything she believes he is.

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