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In The Delta
In The Delta

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FREE Susan and Tecate

FREE download of the Kindle edition of Susan and Tecate, the prequel to The Delta Mysteries from Friday April 6 to Sunday April 8, 2010.

Following is the blurb:

LAPD Mounted Officer Susan Chappelle's beat is Griffith Park, over 4,000 acres of land in the heart of the city of Los Angeles. When two women go missing, Susan and her horse Tecate begin their search of the trails and remote canyons of the Park. When a third woman is found strangled, their search becomes a hunt for a serial killer. Shut out of the case by the lead detective, Susan and her homeless friend Charley who calls the Park home, undertake their own investigation.

Along the way, Susan, who takes pride in her solitude and independence, meets a sophisticated attorney, with a killer smile, who turns her world upside down. But can he be trusted?

As Susan closes in on the murderer, a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins.

Hunter and hunted face off in a deadly confrontation at the entrance to one of the park's most dangerous places, The Rattlesnake Cave.

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