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In The Delta
In The Delta

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Meadows - 3rd book in The Delta Mysteries

The Meadows, the 3rd book in the Delta Mystery Series, continues the story of Nick and Jessie Red Cloud. The story opens with two life changing developments and one tragic mystery.

The 6 year old daughter of Colin Talbot, a wealthy and influential Sacramento businessman and politician, is murdered on the family's private island retreat in the remote area of The Delta known as The Meadows. When the case goes cold, in spite of Cody Red Cloud's relentless investigation, Colin retains Jessie Red Cloud to find the killer. Jessie vows to uncover the truth behind the smokescreen of lies and deception that surround the family and its secrets.

More than a mystery, this is a story of families, coming together and breaking apart, a story of the interrelationship of parents and children, spouses, lovers new and old. While Jessie searches for a killer, Susan begins a new life, Cody finds a new love, Anna and Bodie make a commitment and life on Sutter Island goes on as always, sweet refuge in a sea of troubles.

Look for The Meadows - coming to this Fall.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joan, authoress!! Looking forward to a good read! JH