In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Meadows - 3rd book in The Delta Mysteries

The Kindle edition of The Meadows, the third book in the Delta mystery series, is now available on The Paperback edition will be published in October.

The Meadows continues the story of Nick and Jessie Red Cloud and their extended family. It opens with two family tragedies - a personal loss which stuns Jessie and sends a grieving Susan to The Delta in search of solace, and the death of the 6 year old daughter of Colin Talbot, a wealthy Sacramento politician, on the family's private island in the area of The Delta known as The Meadows.

When the Talbot case goes cold, and suspicion falls on his family, Colin Talbot retains Private Investigator Jessie Red Cloud to do what the Sheriff's Department could not do, discover who is responsible for his daughter's death.

What Jessie finds is a web of family secrets, to be untangled strand by strand, until she uncovers the truth hidden behind a facade of wealth and status and discovers the killer hidden by a shield of lies and deceit.

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