In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Thursday, October 9, 2014


In the fourth installment of The Delta Mysteries, Jessie encounters a new and deadly enemy. 

Olivia Winslow is new to The Delta, her past a mystery, her obsession Nick Red Cloud. 

Despite the misgivings of Nick and Susan, Jessie Red Cloud is engaged in a search for her childhood friend Angel, mysteriously missing once again. As Jessie searches for Angel, Olivia Winslow sets in motion a twisted plan to destroy Jessie and have Nick for herself.


Jessie Red Cloud knew all about the tides in the Delta. She knew the water rose 6 feet every 12 hours.
The ropes that bound her to the rotting pilings of the dock that had long ago collapsed into the fetid water at the end of Lost Slough cut into her wrists and ankles.

She reckoned that, at this time of year, in this place, the water would reach its highest level by 8 that night. But long before then, it would begin to fill her mouth and nostrils. She could almost taste the bitter brackish flavor of it in the back of her throat, her throat that was raw from calling for help that did
not come.

There was a subtle shift in the quality of the light that found its way through the lacy green of the branches overhead. The sun was setting. On the edges of the bank across from her, the reeds took on definition. As the day died, the horizon was colored with the hues of a Delta sunset, blue suffused with gold, then pink and salmon as the sun dropped lower. The reeds turned from emerald to sharp black outlined against the darkening cobalt sky. A scene that might have been created by a painter. It was a beautiful place to die.

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