In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Place Called Locke Free Kindle Download

The quiet nicker of a horse, the song of nightbirds, a chorus of frogs - the background to sleep on tranquil Sutter Island - are replaced by the ringing of a phone.  From Mexico comes a desperate plea disguised as a casual request.

A young doctor has fallen in love with the wrong woman.  His love will lead him into a web of deceit and danger as he is forced to become part of a plan to smuggle drugs up the California coast.

In The Delta, Jessie Red Cloud is returning to her work as a Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputy, unaware that she and her friend and former partner Bodie McDonald are about to be drawn into a secretive task force, led by a man who trusts no one.

Two groups of people are on a collision course, one that will lead them to a deadly confrontation in the quiet backwater behind a place called Locke.

A Place Called Locke is the fifth installment in The Delta Mystery Series and the fifth in a series of free Kindle downloads in anticipation of the publication of the latest book New Hope Landing, currently scheduled for the end of 2014.


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