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In The Delta
In The Delta

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Two Way Shake - begins a new series with a new lead character

The Two Way Shake is the first book in a new series featuring Charlie "Bird" Parker.

DEA Special Investigator Charlie Parker aka Bird, a native of warm places, is bleeding all over the floor of a log cabin in the coldest place he has ever been. How did he get there?  

It begins with a low level drug dealer who trades information for a new identity, information that leads to Marty Mathison, an attorney with a talent for making and moving money for a select group of investors. 

The way to Marty is through his wife Annaliese and who better to get to her than Charlie with his solid gold reputation for never getting involved with the target of an investigation.  

But things change in a hurry when Charlie meets Annaliese. 

Before long, Charlie is running a Long Con on her, using her passion for horses and thoroughbred racing as his way in. But he will soon find out that Annaliese has an agenda all her own. 

Look for the sequel - The Disappearance of Dulce and Bonita coming in Fall 2016.

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