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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Comments From A Reader Always Make My Day

I'm guessing that most writers out there write for two reasons.  

The first is that we cannot not write.  Stories just keep filling up our heads and we have to get them down on paper or go crazy.

But the real reason that I write and that I imagine other writers do, is you, the reader.  It's all done for you - and as an indie author I can tell you it's not the money - it's the thrill of talking to someone who's read one of your books or getting comments from a reader like the e mail I received today from Patty Bowman.  Patty is an excellent writer in her own right (sorry I could not resist).  She authored Valley Village Vampires - a marvelously inventive and original take on the genre of the Undead.

"Just wanted to let you know I finished "The Disappearance of Dulce and Bonita" and loved it!  I'm really liking Charlie Parker as a character and also Maria, an excellent addition and love interest for him.  I thought their shared experience of loss was a touching bond for them to share, and I actually like Charlie better with Maria than I did with Annaliese.  Totally enjoyed the mystery of the missing girls and I was particularly impressed with the resolution of it.  Didn't see that coming and I LOVED the provocative conflict.  Good stuff!  Glad Charlie's hanging out his P.I. sign and hoping there will be future Charlie stories to come.

Also love the picture on the cover, assume it was taken in Echo Park.  Your forward explaining your attachment to Echo Park and history with it floored me.  I got choked up reading it.  

Thanks again for another wonderful book!"

Thank you Patty.

Of course, there are the occasional bad reviews - even famous authors get them.  I cringed when I read a review of one of my early books that said and I quote "I bought this to get a feel of the Delta and it did that but it is so badly written I couldn't finish it. It really is very earnest but lame."

I consoled myself with the fact that the reviewer had titled his review Amature.
Maybe it was a deliberate misspelling to make a point?

I include that review because it is the worst review I ever got and it hurt.  Still it was one of my first books and I may have gotten better over the years - more polished etc.  However, when I go back and read In The Delta which is the first volume in The Delta Mysteries, I still think it's a pretty good story and introduction to characters that a lot of people seem to like.

So I just keep putting out books - for better or worse.  Not everyone will like them.  Some people will love them or at least tell me they do.  

Whichever it is - I'd love to hear from you.

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