In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Saturday, August 13, 2016

L.A. to Chicago on the Southwest Chief Right This Minute

Wow - I have not blogged since June.  I am so bad.  But I have been busy working on a new book titled Mandolin Wind - a real departure from my usual stories - it begins when a young soldier is lost behind enemy lines in Normandy in 1943.  And that's all you get for  now.

At present, I am on the Southwest Chief.  Left L.A. at 6:10 last night and right now we are sitting in the desert between Winslow AZ and Gallup NM waiting for a freight to go by.  Freights take precedence.

The train is great as always -  new people to visit with in the diner - a cozy roomette - lying awake and watching a million stars go by in the sky out my window.

Up early for a hot shower and now off to breakfast.

More to come including pictures.

Stay tuned.

Work on the new book continues - Part One was written at home in L.A. - Part Two was started there but will develop on the train and while I am in Michigan.

Promise almost daily posts.

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