In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Just after breakfast, we arrived in Gallup New Mexico.

I intended to post pics of various stops but made the mistake of taking pics of Fullerton CA station with my phone and now cannot post those.

Lovely trip so far but nothing of interest to report other than that my internet connection is SLOWWWW.

Oh, and there are still people on the train who do not get the No Smoking Anywhere rule.  Last trip, a woman was put off the train at the next stop after repeated warnings.  She was really screaming about how unfair it was.

This trip, we have had one cigar smoker so far.  He was warned.

AMTRAK is serious about this no smoking stuff.

Very busy writing so will keep these posts to a minimum since this one is so boring it put me to sleep

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