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In The Delta
In The Delta

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Darkness Update

My newest book, Darkness, has hit a snag - 2 new bunnies and 1 new German Shepherd.  The bunnies have been with us a couple of months and that particular aspect of our life is settling down.

However, we are in the processing of taking in a new (to us) German Shepherd named Rhett.  Rhett's age is not known but we're guessing around 5.  He was found on the street - so emaciated he could hardly stand and (sorry to say) covered in maggots.  He received wonderful medical care and fostering thanks to Grace Konoksy's German Shepherd Rescue in Burbank CA.  Unfortunately, he had a failed adoption and has medical problems, including severe arthritis so came back to the shelter.

We lost our 2 shepherds to old age and illness last year.  One of our remaining dogs, Polly,  has been in a severe decline, in part, we believe, because of the loss of her close companion Gunnar.  Rhett is very bonded to Ingolf and is so sweet.  We believe he will be happy in our home and we will be so happy to have him.  We will be working hard to assure that all goes well, as Polly has some dog aggression to strange dogs.  We began the intro process today by bringing home some dog towels with Rhett's scent. Of course, she also could not help but notice that mom has a delightful German Shepherd fragrance as well when she returns from her walks with Rhett.

Send your best thoughts our way.

Back to the book - Darkness continues the adventures of Rick Sandler and Katie O'Hara.  Their relationship is a little rocky right now and they are off the The Delta for a houseboat vacation to rekindle the romance.  Unfortunately, Lily is back in L.A. with a professional assassin close behind.  When she and John Cameron follow Rick and Katie to The Delta to evade the killer, things get dangerous.  Who better to come to the rescue than Jessie Red Cloud and her partner Bodie McDonald.  For any readers who liked Bobby Lento in A Place Called Locke, he's back in Darkness to come between Lily and John.  Hope to be writing again by the end of May.

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