In The Delta

In The Delta
In The Delta

Monday, May 6, 2013

We have lost a great, good and gentle soul.  His name was Tarzan.  He got that name because he could holler really, really loud.  I remember the first time I saw him cantering across the field at Martinez Arena - a great big red horse with a long flowing mane.  Magnificent!

Personality - and then some.  Everyone loved Tarzan.  If you had any riding fear at all, you could trust Tarzan to make you feel safe.  He would amble along, taking in the scenery, pausing for a bite of grass.

We could all learn a little bit about how to live life just by being around him.

He has left us - gone to join his friends who went before him - my own Missy Van Go aka Shasta, his brother Tally, our dear shared rescue Rio, Dos Equis and the many rescued rent horses who lived out their days up in Tehachapi thanks to the efforts of Tarzan's mom Amy, among others, who rewarded those dear horses' years of service with a wonderful place to enjoy the rest of their lives.

I picture them all, reunited and frolicking together in a place where the grass is abundant and sweet, the sun warm, and there is no pain, no care, only peace.

We will miss you Tarzan, but we know that your mom gave you the most wonderful life and wish all horses everywhere could have as good a life as yours.
Tarzan with his brother Joker


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